Thought Leaders Summit 2016


As a leading segment of society, the business has become the most powerful force for positive change in the world today. As markets compete to attract the capital from world over, countries are gauged by investors using various factors that can promote business growth in a country. Ease of Doing Business (EODB) is a global index is being used by World Bank to review business friendly environment in countries around the globe. According to World Bank EODB Report 2016, Pakistan’s ranking on EODB is constantly declining. From 69 in 2010, it has now dropped to 138 out of 189 countries. Drop in EODB has many implications for Pakistan. The country not only gets deprived of foreign investment but also the local business community contemplates shifting its investment elsewhere in the world for better returns. Industry shrinkage results in unemployment, decline in economy and overall social unrest in the society.

Key Reason for EODB Decline

Drop in EODB index stems from many reasons. Role of public sector is critical in this regard, because 11 indicators, which are assessed in EODB index are based on the facilitation by the public sector to entrepreneurs. Not having a structured HR framework for hiring, development, succession and retention of critical positions in these organizations manifests a system that is unable to define governance objectives and plans to implement and measure their success. Human governance is a dimension of overall governance and human governance issues mostly lie beneath business issues. Failure in governance comes in subtle forms such as the top management inability to respond to global competitive challenges, pursuing the wrong strategies, and engaging in actions that are detrimental to the interest of stakeholders in society.

Thought Leaders Summit 2016

Since human assets drive organization strategy and growth, therefore human governance is of great interest to investors and regulators worldwide. HR Metrics with support of SHRM Forum Pakistan is organizing a Thought Leaders Summit at Marriott Islamabad on 21 January 2016. The Theme is “Strengthening Human Governance for Sustainable Ease of Doing Business Index”.

Summit Objective:

The main objective of this Summit is to bring together the policy makers and industry business leaders to discuss challenges of human governance and its impact on the overall economy in Pakistan. The views and recomendations of speakers will be compiled and presented to GOP for shaping human governance reforms with a view to promote investment friendly environment in Pakistan.

Participation Fee:

  • Rs. 20,000 Per Person
  • Rs. 100,000 Corporate Table for C-Suite (6 persons)
  • Rs. 16,000 (Per Person) SHRM members and CHRO Network members