Strategic HR Course


Course Overview

Strategy drives how an organization competes, creates value, allocates resources, and makes choices that impact the way things run. As an HR professional, you may be called upon to lead or support the development and execution of an HR strategy. To help you address this challenge, this seminar will explore the essential components of both an HR strategy and an organizational strategy, and will discuss how these two strategies align. Through the use of case studies and class exercises, you will learn how to leverage information and create a wholly aligned human resource strategy and implementation plan for your organization. Demonstrate your results driven mind-set by seeking world-class knowledge and earning a professional certificate of achievement.

Course Contents

  • Module 1: Understanding Organizational Strategy
  • Module 2: Formulating an HR Strategy
  • Module 3: Creating and Executing an HR Implementation Plan
  • Summary and Action Planning

Key Objectives

  • Define and describe organizational strategy and recognize its major components
  • Define HR Strategy that is linked to an organizational strategy
  • Create an HR strategy implementation plan for execution strategy

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