We hope you find 9th edition of our HR Magazine “Workforce Tomorrow” informative and interesting. We publish 4 editions per year. The main objective of this publication is to bring into lime light the emerging global trends and local best practices encompassing business challenges, opportunities and their impact on workforce management. The magazine provides market insight on developing people management strategy in terms of employment brand, talent acquisition, retention, development, leadership growth, HR technology, diversity, innovation and ethics.

The magazine features articles, interviews and success stories of business leaders and HR professionals including practitioners, academia, researchers and scholars, highlighting their contribution and value creation for the organization, employees and society as whole. Extraordinary HR research finding are also published in this magazine.

The magazine also has space for advertisements of your company products, services and jobs. With its printed copies to 500 large companies in Pakistan and 300 digital copies globally, it provides unmatched visibility and branding opportunity for your products and services.

Page Location Type Single Issue Price Annual Plan

(4 Issues) (10% Discount)

Gate Fold Page Color 2 Pages Rs 80,000 320,000 288,000
Center Spread Color 2 pages Rs 60,000 240,000 216,000
Inside Front Page Color Full Page Rs 30,000 120,000 108,000
Inside Back Page Color Full Page Rs 25,000 100,000 90,000
Back Page Color Full Page Rs 30,000 120,000 108,000
Ordinary Page Color Full Page Rs 20,000 80,000 72,000
Ordinary Page Color Half Page Rs 15,000 60,000 54,000

Subscription Charges:

Annual subscription for 4 editions: Rs 4800 Rs 4000

With annual advertisement plan, 4 editions subscription is complimentary. If you have a compelling story of excellence to publish or want to advertise your product in our magazine, please contact us..

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